Personal Touch Ltd

Private Safari Tours, Game Viewer Hires, Transfers 

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Car hire and rentals available for the individual safari enthusiast

About The Personal Touch

By offering personalized services to the current tourist industry in the South Luangwa area since 2005, The Personal Touch provides income and opportunities for the growing local community around the park.
Realizing that tourism should not destroy the natural environment, we aim for the true success; to balance between tourism growth, the well being of the local Zambians and environmental impact.

Vehicle hire in Zambia, to self-drive your budget safari in South Luangwa

The Personal Touch works closely within the tourist industry of South Luangwa and is the preferred partner for quality car hires, safari vehicle rentals and transfer services to many camps, lodges and bush camps well hidden inside South Luangwa National Park.
Besides a range of logistic services to this tourist industry, we offer a budget solution for the safari tourist and groups wishing to experience South Luangwa individually. An added bonus with our in-house mechanical experience is that professionals in the film and research field can contact us with specific wishes and needs.

Looking after every need; from budget travellers to the professional tourism industry

Ben and Nathalie are heading the team, and we are proud to work with a loyal team who started and worked with us since the beginning of the operations. Together we have been operating in the hospitality industry for several years.
We speaks several languages, are familiar with the various cultures not only in Zambia, but the complete African continent. With our extensive travel experience in Africa, we are an asset to any type of traveller.

Our company name has been chosen for a reason.......