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Exploration is the act of searching an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. It involves the discovery of new information. Human beings explore even when they have everything they need where they are. They are the only mammal that does this.

Rent our open Land Rover Defender 4X4 Game Viewing vehicle and take a self drive around one of the world's most impressive wilderness areas; South Luangwa National Park!
. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of your budget self drive discovery of this magnificent area.

Personal Touch Rental Vehicles for self-drive

Our rental cars are Landrovers 300 TDI (manual operated gearbox), kept in mint condition. They are open game viewing vehicles fitted with safari seats (3 benches on the back). There is ample space for photographic equipment and possible extra people in your party, all enjoying the freedom of your affordable self-drive safari vehicle. Our rental cars seat up to nine persons enabling you to enjoy the drives with your complete party, ensuring nobody misses out on good sightings.

A bonus for self drives is that there are no time restrictions and you can use the vehicle for the entire day!

Ultimate Safari Experience, car hire by Personal Touch


Our prices for a rental vehicle are per 24hrs and drivers have no mileage restrictions! For hires more than three days, the price includes transfers from and to Mfuwe International Airport enabling you to make full use of the vehicle. For hires three days or less, pick up and drop off of the vehicle is in the main village of Mfuwe.

Stops at Tribal Textiles during the transfers are subject to a surcharge and the transfers only apply on days of collecting and returning the vehicle. For short hires, meet and greet at the airport is possible against a surcharge. 

Pricing on airport transfers, transport to Kawaza or any of the other community projects are one-way, per car. Fuel and driver are included for transfers within the greater Mfuwe area.
A maximum of 6 persons including luggage can fit the vehicle. Fo
r any other specific transport or custom made safari requests, kindly contact us. 

Pricing Personal Touch Car HireUSD
Price per day (24hrs) per vehicle125
Weekly rate, price per day per vehicle120
Monthly rate, price per day per vehicle115
Transfer within Mfuwe area100
All prices exclude fuel, guiding services and park entrance fees payable at the gate. Terms & Conditions apply

Still in doubt? Self-drive and guided safari tours are the most popular options within our area. They both offer different ways to see and experience the surroundings, and both have their benefits.

But which is right for you? Luckily, we live and breathe South Luangwa, so offer a tailor-made, mix and match with guided and self-drive options! You still have the freedom of a flexible itinerary, yet at certain times can experience the park without having to find wildlife yourself. You will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

For all drives into the National Park, our qualified guide will have to drive your game viewing vehicle. The National Park board implemented this rule in 2018, which is really a shame for self-drive enthusiasts, but even our very experienced safari guests (who return year after year) actually enjoy the luxury of their personal guide.Making this new rule a blessing in disguise!

This is and will remain your personal safari and there is no need to stick to set game drive hours of camps and lodges and share your vehicle with total strangers when exploring the park. As long as you stick to the opening hours of the park (between 06.00 - 20.00 hours) our guide can meet you at a time specified by you. A bonus of this latest rule is that you are able to enjoy a night safari, as you can now stay in the park later. All night safaris are escorted by our spotter with a powerful torch as well.

So if you’re considering the self-drive flexibility and some of the time wish a little input from a professional guide, read on

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Your self-drive discoveries with one of our vehicles..... an interesting & exciting way to explore the South Luangwa area!