Personal Touch


More and more people wish to enjoy South Luangwa and its surroundings just for the day. Yet, others opt to choose one of the private houses for rent in the village and explore the park at their own leisure.
For you, the individual safari enthusiast, there is no need to look any further, we are more than happy to organise your game drives for the day or your entire stay.

We can meet you at a central place or at your rented private house and have professional guides show you the fascinating flora and fauna. Our vehicles seat a maximum of 9 people, so there is enough space for the entire family. And all guided drives can start at a time convenient to you and your party!

Personal Touch Private Safari

Our quality safaris for your photographic drives in and around South Luangwa are guided by our local professional in your own private game viewing vehicle. So you can take your time and decide yourselves when and for how long to stop. 

All our safari vehicles are fitted with safari seats (3 benches) on the back and thus extremely workable for people enjoying the freedom of their private safari. You have no problem fitting friends or family as well, as our safaris are priced for a maximum of 9 people, not per person!

Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to go out, but you are free to choose your own timing as long as you follow guidelines of the National Park and directions of your private guide.

No strangers on your Safari


On offer are purely, private safaris between 06.00-20.00 hours and whether you are just the two of you wishing a very personalized and tailor made safari, or you are with a group of friends and family; your Personal Touch private safari arrangement will suit your needs. And yes! You are correct, no strangers on your vehicle, this is your private safari!
So, don't be rushed, have respect for the environment and enjoy! 

For a maximum of 9 people on a 4 hour drive;

1 drive                                 USD 160
2 drives in one day          USD 275
All day drive (8hrs)          USD 250 

All prices exclude park entrance fees for passengers payable at the gate. Terms & Conditions apply, 

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