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Undoubtedly the best way to experience South Luangwa is to be in your own safari vehicle. A Luangwa self-drive safari gives you the freedom to plan for your own interests and move at your own pace plus adds the thrill of spotting wildlife at your leisure.

Our number one tip; Please…respect wildlife and other humans!


Like you, most people have come to South Luangwa to get away from the noisy outside world and to experience African wildlife at its finest.
Don’t interfere with wildlife either by feeding them or driving too close to them. Wildlife always has right of way in crossing the road. At kills or sightings where there are several cars, take your place in the queue, switch off your engine and enable everyone else to enjoy the experience too.

Remember also that most of your fellow humans have come to this park for a “wilderness” experience and thus minimizing unnecessary noise from music, cell phones and loud talking would almost certainly be appreciated.

Patience on self drive safari in Zambia
Sharing sightings will help you plan your route


Stay in your car during your self-drive unless you are at official get-out points – wildlife is used to vehicles, which have an accepted silhouette, whereas a human shape signifies that of a predator, which will cause alarm.

Do not speed.
Drive slowly and keep your eyes and ears wide open.

Watch out for movements in the bush, and be very patient. Waterholes, lagoon and rivers are great for viewing wildlife, as the animals (and birds) will always come looking for water.

Ask other people wether they have had any special experiences or sightings, and share yours. Everyone is here for more or less the same reason, so don’t feel shy about talking to strangers. Information gleaned from other visitors may be helpful in planning the next part of your route.


So in short, kindly respect the following etiquettes whilst enjoying South Luangwa National Park;

* Don’t overcrowd sightings
* Don’t use phones to call others
* Be respectful of animals on sightings
* Don’t drive off road, don’t rev your engine or move your vehicle unnecessary whilst around animals
* BE PROFESSIONAL AND RESPECTFUL OF ALL AROUND YOU (that includes humans and animals)


Respect your environment on self drive

We wish you a wonderful time in and around South Luangwa and look forward hearing your wildlife stories!

Should you be interested to expand your knowledge on animals a bit, or you are unsure on wildlife behaviour; then we highly recommend taking a guided game drive or two during your stay in Luangwa. This will give you a feel for what the animals may do, and build your confidence on what to expect when you are driving yourself around. Our professional guide will drive your rental vehicle and you keep the vehicle outside of his game drive hours. Do get in touch with us on this or read on about our mix and match safaris..

Have a fantastic time!