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South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

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South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

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Photo by Johan Elzenga, taken while driving a rental car of Personal Touch

The Luangwa Valley is one of Africa’s prime wildlife sanctuaries, with concentrations and varieties of game and birdlife that have made it world famous. This is the landscape of the ‘Real Africa’, with herds of antelope sheltering under thorn trees, or roaming the plains, predators skulking in the shadows and primal drama in every vale. Experts claim South Luangwa is one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and not without reason. The concentration of game around the Luangwa River and its ox bow lagoons is among the most intense in Africa. One does not have to be an expert to recognize that!

Private - Individual Safaris with a Personal Touch rental vehicle

If you’re in your own vehicle, be sure to get a map of the park from the helpful scouts at the park entrance and follow the loop roads in the park, past dams bursting with hippos, crowned cranes, grazing antelope and scurrying baboons. In case you wish conduct your own safaris’s in an open game viewing car or are travelling in a big group and would like to conduct your own drives, make sure to have a look at our rental Safari Vehicles. Our cars seat up to nine persons enabling you to enjoy the drives with your complete party, ensuring nobody misses out on good sightings. A bonus for self drives is that there are no time restrictions and you can enter the park for the entire day.

Park entry regulations and rules are obtained at the entrance of the park or at your lodge. As pricing and regulations seem to change regularly, please e-mail us for the latest information. Do note, entrance fees can only be paid cash in Zambian Kwacha or US dollars. No credit cards or traveller cheques are accepted.

Wishing to go on safari in a group, contact us for your car hire on the doorstep of South Luangwa