Doing your research on Tsetse flies or making that beautiful nature documentary for National Geographic, Planet Earth or BBC, it is very handy to have the logistics right here in the valley.
Our vehicles can be customized for professional photographers and film crew, being it open vehicles with extra camera stands, or closed vehicles with extra storage racks, the choice is yours.

Please contact us directly by e-mail or per phone with your specific needs and we will have your vehicle ready at the Mfuwe airport, rebuild to your specifications.
Long term agreements, as well as assistance in the shipping of equipment, organizing necessary permits from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, plus finding the right accommodation can also be discussed.

Professional services South Luangwa
Community projects South Luangwa


With the commendable increase in Community Projects and Conservations efforts, Personal Touch is your preferred partner for all transfer and transport needs.
We have experience in assisting various school groups, universities, researchers and individual volunteers with chauffeured vehicles to various sites, We also cater to Community Workers in need of a private vehicle to do research at various conservation projects in South Luangwa. Send a quick message with your specific needs and we can assist with the arrangements taking your budget into account. 

Personal Touch Assistance for film and photo crew
Yes, bush filming requires some planning.... we are here to help!